TC Case with Foam C1 Style (carton of 45 ea)

Sale price$256.50 USD


TC Case in white with Foam Style C1 installed - one carton of 45 ea - Part Number TC-00-01-FC1

This special configuration has proven useful in many industries, including the Dental Implant Laboratories. Contact us if you are interested in custom colors or imprints

Size (approximate) - case itself not counting the foam

  • Inside dimensions 6-1/2 x 5-1/8 x 2"
  • Volume 66.5 cubic inches

Special Foam Added in what we call "Configuration 1" or "C1"

  • 2 pcs charcoal ether foam
  • 1/2" flat pad placed in lid and our standard convoluted foam (egg crate) placed in base
  • No glue used

Features: Living hinge, two flexible clasps, high gloss surface. Some customers know this as our 6 Unit Case or "Travel Case"

Proudly molded, packed, and shipped all in the USA.

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