Surgical-Style Scrub Brush for Hands and Nails (box of 300 pcs)

Sale price$195.00 USD


Surgical-Style Scrub Brush for Hands and Nails - box of 300 pcs

  • Dimensions (inches) 3-1/2 x 1-3/4 x 3/4
  • Soft and durable polyethylene bristles
  • Our part number SB4

Our surgical-style scrub brush for hands are molded in one piece - Bristles and backing - with premium polyethylene. Softness of the bristles is just right for helping get hands and nails clean.

Lots of applications! From the bathroom to the kitchen, from the shop to the hospital, from the nail salon to tactile therapy. And the price is right so they can be reused or simply thrown away when you are through.

These brushes are bulk-packaged so there is no outer packaging, soap, or special sterilization. We simply take the parts as molded from the press, inspect them, box them up with a liner, and they are ready to ship to you. This configuration is just the brush without any attached foam.

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