HPC Case (carton of 296 ea)

Sale price$165.76 USD


HPC Case in white - one carton of 296 ea - Part Number HPC-00-01

Size (approximate)

  • Inside dimensions 3-7/8 x 2-3/8 x 1"
  • Volume 9.2 cubic inches

Features: Living hinge, fixed snap clasp, high gloss surface. This part is affectionately known as our "Handy Pocket Case" or sometimes as our "Snake Bite Kit" Case.

There is a little trick to opening the HPC. Insert your thumb UNDER the center nose and place your forefinger OVER the extension just beside it and “flip” the top open. If you find that you would like them to open easier, a quick scrape with a knife over the plastic nib will take care of that.

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