Private Labeling Private Protective Labeling  

An electronics testing company based in Fairfield CT was unsatisfied with the throw-away cardboard packaging it had been using for its transducers. They were looking for something that would not only protect their product during shipping but would be an ongoing reminder to their customers of their name and quality. Two of our existing cases fit the bill in terms of size and design. To each we added customized foam on the inside and a stunning metallic blue hot stamp imprint on the outside. The result has been a satisfied customer for over 15 years.


     TC Case in black with foam and customized for Lyman tools

In another instance, a manufacturing company based in Middletown CT needed a case for a specialized tool kit. We were able to meet their needs with one of our cases, custom molded in black and with a beautiful hot stamp imprint in orange. The real challenge, however, was to specify and design just the right die-cut foam to display the tools securely in the box. The result was an example of perfect form and function.


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