Tips for Using our Website

We have designed our website to be intuitive and "search friendly." But since we manufacture well over 100 different plastic boxes (not including special customizations), how can you find what you are looking for quickly?

One approach would be to click on a specific box category if you know that (such as "Electronic Cases" or "First Aid Cases") - this will quickly narrow down your search.

A second approach is to click on "All Cases" and then use the filter tools to focus your search. These tools should be on the left hand side if you are using a PC or will appear when you click the word "Filter" if you are using a phone.

For example, using "filters" you can

  • select the number of bays (compartments) you are looking for in a box, and/or
  • use the "volume" filter to select a cluster of sizes centered around your ideal volume (of course estimated overall volume of a box is length x width x height in inches), and/or
  • select one dimension (say, length) and select a cluster of sizes around that ideal dimension. If you decide to narrow a search by one dimension, it is best not to add additional dimensions. If you do, chances are good that no box will fit all those parameters and so nothing will come up.

Steps like this will help narrow down your search. Feel free to give us a call too - both in finding the right box and inquiring about quantity discounts etc. We are here to help.

A Buyer's Guide to Plastic Boxes

Carrying cases are used every day, in healthcare, military, food and beverage, traveling, and even industrial settings. Penn Products - a leading manufacturer of plastic cases - specializes in these industries and then some. Although carrying cases can be made of materials such as fabric, metal, nylon, leather, wood, or a combination-- here we shall focus specifically on Made in the USA plastic carrying cases that are injection molded . Typically Injection molded cases require very expensive tooling that is designed to produces millions of parts at a relatively low per unit cost.  The tooling required to manufacture most plastic cases is an injection mold that runs in piece of machinery called and injection molding machine or Press that clamps the mold shut and injects melted plastic resin in to the mold to form the part. If you are looking for a product that is not available in the market and are interested in designing and building your own product, please keep in mind that tooling and development costs can easily fall in the range of $20K to $100K depending how large and complex your product design is. If you are looking to design your own product you may want to consider hiring a design service first. If you are looking to produce more than 100K units of a custom product you may want to consider investing in an injection mold and will need to build a relationship with a custom molder

Many variations of plastic carrying cases can easily be found in stores or online - think of that lunchbox you had as a kid. However, some cases solely depend on the application and are designed accordingly: you wouldn’t be happy if a medic pulled out a lunchbox when treating you…

Understanding the requirements of the application of the carrying case is the most important step. The types of carrying cases available include: 

  • Heavy-Duty Instrument or Tool Cases
  • First Aid Cases
  • Divider Cases
  • Electronic Storage Cases
  • Display Cases
  • Commercial Product Storage Cases


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