Plug KS-20244L1 - Pack of 50 pcs

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Plug KS-20244, L1 P50 - Pack of 50 pcs

"Pin Opener for Distributing Frame" - A plug used for the maintenance and operation of equipment in central offices. The literature describes this as "consisting of a plastic body equipped with a retaining spring." However, we have never sold this with a spring. It is a single piece of glass-reinforced flame retardant plastic that is intended for use as a pair opening device when inserted into positions of a 444 jack or 301-type connectors on main frames in central offices. Used to open a single cable pair for testing.

Also known as

  • KS20244,L1
  • KS-20244 L1
  • KS-20244 List 1
  • KS20244
  • Plug P50
Proudly molded, packed, and shipped all in the USA.

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