PC Case Pink (carton of 350 ea)

Sale price$146.00 CAD


PC Case in pink - one carton of 350 ea - Part Number PC-00-15

HALF PRICE because slightly defective... and we have too many! The primary issue is that the tops pop open too easily. Some may not even stay shut. If that is not a problem for your application (say, you plan to use a label or shrink wrap for closure) then enjoy the savings! The second issue is we had trouble hot stamping these - not sure why.

Size (approximate)

  • Inside dimensions 2-3/4 x 2 x 1"
  • Volume 5.5 cubic inches

Features: Living hinge, fixed snap clasp, high gloss surface. Top pops open with relative ease. This part is affectionately known as our "Parts Case."

Proudly molded, packed, and shipped all in the USA.

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