D54 Case, 1 Bay, Finger-Hole Lid, Clarified Polypropylene (carton of 36 ea)

Sale price$523.00 CAD


D54 Case with 1 bay with finger-hole lid in clarified polypropylene - one carton of 36 ea

Part Number D54-000AL-01 (formerly Dewitt Plastics C2754A-1)

Size (approximate)

  • Inside dimensions 10-1/4 x 4-3/8 x 1-7/8""
  • Volume 84.1 cubic inches

Features of this plastic box include: Molded in clarified polypropylene, the box has three articulating hinges and two snap closures in the front. This configuration has one bay (compartment). 

Why the finger-hole lid? This allows the box to stack tightly within a larger container so it can be pulled out and accessed easily. This was originally designed for use with the 50 Cal. Ammo Box and all ammo boxes with those same base dimensions. Three of these boxes fit perfectly into each 50 Cal. Ammo Box. There are different compartment configurations available. 

Proudly molded, packed, and shipped all in the USA.

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